About Dilly Dally Bunting


Traditional Country Bunting Hire. Est 2008

About Dilly Dally Bunting

Dilly Dally Bunting started in 2008 to solve a problem I had come up against myself…. I was getting married and required a large quantity of good old fashioned, traditional county style bunting, but no one did  it…  so my mum and I decided to be the first! Standing on the kitchen step with a crazy business idea whirring around in my head, I blurt out “come on, lets not dilly dally about this!” and so ‘Dilly Dally Bunting’ was born!   


Since then our bunting has adorned just about every type of event in every type of venue across the UK, from our local village hall and church fete to the OXO tower and the BBC Eastenders set!

Traditional All The Way....

In the true spirit of traditional bunting, we use our beautiful and treasured Singer sewing machines to do the majority of our sewing, our growing ‘vintage’ machine collection currently spanning 1933 to 1951.


We do of course have modern overlockers and other youngers members of our workforce, but we prefer to use our lovely gals at every opportunity as they really are a pleasure to work with and really knock the socks off their newer counterparts.


Made Once, Enjoyed A Thousand Times

Hiring is an environmentally friendly way to do things since the materials only have to be made once and the item physically manufactured once before it can then go on to give years of pleasure to give time and time again. 


And with Ethel set in a treadle table, we are being terribly authentic as well as using greener energy (not to mention leg toning) to make some of our beautiful bunting too!



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