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Bunting Questions & Answers

How Much Bunting Do I Need?


This will depend on your venue type, size, desired look and budget. Your venue should be able to offer some advice and layout plans, but it's always a good idea to have a plan yourself. We find the best way to start is to draw a basic diagram showing the following;


  1. Length and width and feet and/or metres (also make a note of the height)
  2. Position of any fixed poles, posts, chandeliers etc
  3. Crosshatch over any areas to be excluded from bunting eg. catering areas, band pits or star cloths etc
  4. You might also benefit from adding in any tables and seating at the appropriate positions


Now you have a visual guide with all the necessary information and measurements, you will probably start to get an idea of where you would like the bunting, and can start workinh out the basics of how much you are likely to need.


We suggest you use the perimeter as a starting block, as the quantity that goes all around the edges is usually enough to do something in the middle area, and will give you a rough idea of the possible costs involved. The find this measurement, simply add up all your walls, and then divide them by the length of the bunting string and 'Ta daa', this is the string number required!


Other handy guides can be obtained by finding your basic 'flat' corner to opposite diagonal corner, and the side to side measurements. The flat diagonal can be found by finding a calculator and do width x width and length x length. Add these two figures together and then press the 'pi' tick button. Next divide this by the length of your bunting strings.


Your flat side to side measurement os literally just the width of your venue from one side to the other!!


Remember that these calculations do not take into account the height of your venue, so are notto be used as the final measurements if you want bunting to go up into the celing space of a pole marquee for example.


For help with final measurements or complicated layouts, just send us your venue details as listed above along witrh a brief description of your ideas.


Can We Use Your Bunting Outside?


As a general rule of thumb due to the fact that our bunting is all handmade from 100% cotton, it really doesn't like been out in the tempremental british weather and will get damaged being twisted and blown around in wind and rain so we state indoor use only.


However, in some very rare cases when the weather is forecast to be glorioulsy hot, dry and still, we can occasionally allow it, but we will expect contingency plans to be in place should this end up not being the case, as well as just being sensible when considering using it outdoors.... and we will check the forecast in your area as they day approaches, so no wool pulling please!




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Who Dresses The Venue With The Bunting?


Due to the hectic nature of the hire seasons, we are just not able to be eveywhere all at the same time so we have to leave this responsibility with you to orgainse. The bride and groom will often hang it themselves the day before the wedding and arrange for famiily members and/or close friends to take it down and return it while they go on honeymoon, but sometimes they will be around to do both! Occasionally venue or marquee company staff will hang it up and sometimes also take it down afterwards for you but this must be arranged directly with them, and PLEASE DON'T ASSUME THEY WILL!!


Please make sure that both you and they are fully aware of the times/dates that the bunting must be packed and ready for return to us as this is also your responsibilty, and quite often overlooked in all the excitement which can leave the next 'happy couple' less than happy if their bunting isn't ready for them!



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